Are you looking for a furry family member?

An Ilchester golden retriever really does make the best family pet! Here's why:
There is a reason that the golden retriever has been one of the most popular breeds of companion animals across the globe for decades. They are such beautiful creatures- once you've owned one of our golden retrievers, you will never want to be without one! 
  • Their loving, loyal nature makes them the perfect companion for singles, couples, retirees and families with children. They are the perfect all-rounder whether you want a pal to go hiking with or a friend to curl up and watch Netflix with you. 
  • Their playful yet gentle nature makes them the perfect family pet for families with children.

  • Highly intelligent and very trainable- they pick up on rules and learn commands very quickly!

  • Our goldens are extremely affectionate, they love nothing more than to snuggle with you. 

  • They aren't a noisy breed. Provided their needs are being met and they aren't lonely, they aren't nuisance barkers!


As with any breed of dog though, you should do extensive independent research on their needs for activity, grooming, socialisation etc. You should be prepared to commit to daily walks with your golden retriever, and at  least weekly brushing. Golden retrievers are a double-coated breed and do shed their coats. This usually occurs in two big blow outs each year, but hair fall is normal and noticeable year-round. Your golden retriever will not tolerate being locked outside without his family- they have high social needs and are at their happiest when spending time with their family, even if this is simply lounging inside watching a movie. A golden retriever left outside alone for long periods may become destructive and noisy as his needs are not being met. You do need to be prepared to commit to your dogs needs for his whole life- it is not a decision to take lightly! 




If you have decided it's the right time for your family to purchase the perfect companion- this is our process:

1.   ​Stay updated on our Facebook page for litter annoucements. If we post an annoucement and the time is right for you, let's start the application process! We do not operate a traditional wait-list, puppies are allocated on a suitability basis. We consider the pups temperament, your lifestyle and the best outcomes for each of our puppies. 

2.   Begin the application process by sending us an enquiry using the website form, or alternatively email us at - be as in depth as you can in this initial email. Tell us why one of our puppies is right for your family, tell us about your lifestyle and how a puppy will fit in to it. 

3.    We will get back to you with more details on pricing, and extensive advice on preparing for, training, caring and feeding your precious Ilchester golden retriever. 

4.   Visiting your puppy and their parents. At 6 weeks old, you will be able to come and visit your new puppy and meet his/her parents. You will be able to ask any and all questions you may have at this point. We wait at least this long for meet-and-greets so the pups have had their first vet appointment and first vaccinations. Their health and wellbeing is paramount to all of us. 

5.   Take your Ilchester golden retriever home. You will be able to take your pup home from 8 weeks of age, however it may be the case that an extra week or two with mum and the littermates may be what is best for your pup- and we will always act in their best interests. We understand you will be very, very excited to bring home your new family member but rest assured you will be getting a well socialised and adequately developed pup that will much more easily slot into their new family life. 


We are ALWAYS going to be here for you and your pup for any support or advice you may find you need. We can provide recomendations for dog trainers, vets, and boarding if you are local to the Moreton Bay LGA region of Brisbane. If you're located elsewhere we would be more than happy to help you navigate finding highly regarded services in your area. 

We are developing an amazing community on our Facebook group made specially for owners of Ilchester Golden Retrievers. Here you will be able to share stories, ask advice and tell us all about how life with your new family member is going. We love nothing more than being able to see our pups grow up in their loving homes. 


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