Advanced Curriculum and ENS/ESI

Happier, healthier, puppies; socialised to fit perfectly into family life.

What is Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI)?

​ENS has been proven to have many benefits when performed correctly on healthy, thriving pups. These benefits include; a) improved cardiovascular performance, b) stronger heart beats, c) stronger adrenal glands, d) better tolerance to stress and e) greater resistance to disease. Derived from the militiary "Super Dog" program and refined and researched by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, ENS utilises the period of rapid neurological growth and development that occurs between the third and sixteenth day of life to raise well-adjusted, stress-resistant companions. You can read more about what ENS entails here.


ESI is performed in conjunction with ENS from the third to the sixteenth days of life. Dr Gayle Watson began testing the effects of ESI on her sporting golden retrievers, and found that ESI increased nose awareness and scent recognition, making ESI an invaluable tool for pups destined for hunting, tracking and diabetic alert services to name a few. This exercise can help establish which pups would be ideal for these lines of work. 

What is the Advanced Curriculum?

You may or may not have heard of Advanced Puppy Curriculums, depending on your experience in the dog world. Puppy Culture is a popular name in advanced curriculums. Here at Ilchester, we utilise the BaB protocol. 

Beginning on day 18 of life, just after ENS/ESI has concluded, we begin "Puppy School Time" to expose the pups to all kinds of noises, gentle handling increasing in pressure as they get older, and a wide range of toys, textures, experiences, objects and even begin getting them accustomed to being in and around a crate. This will make their transition from us to you a lot more seamless, and set your puppy up with the skills he or she needs to thrive in family life. 

The curriculum is intended to foster a relationship between human and puppy based on trust and confidence building, facilitating a foundation for your puppy to be highly approachable, confident, touch tolerant, low sight and sound sensitivity as well as a fast startle and stress response making them perfectly adaptable to any environment. Your future four-legged family member will learn the world is safe, people are trustworthy and other dogs are friendly. The goal is to build upon critical development periods to guide, shape and mold pups into the perfect family companion, constantly evaluating, re-evaluating and adjusting the program to suit each litter, for optimal outcomes.  

Once your pup goes home with you, it's up to you to continue our hard work to ensure you have a well adjusted, well socialised best friend for life. We will be here every step of the way to support you, and you'll go home with plenty of knowledge and support to allow you to learn alongside your pal.