We are a small hobby breeder of golden retrievers, bred first and foremost for temperament, type and health. We do NOT breed for colour or ribbons. All our dogs are extensively health tested for known defects and breed problems. This testing includes hip and elbow scores and full DNA profile for genetic defects. We will continue to stay up-to-date on breed issues to ensure we are at the front-line of going above and beyond expectations for health. The health and wellbeing of purebred golden retrievers is a passion I've chosen to commit my time, money and resources to.


Our objective is to breed versatile golden retrievers with their characteristic kind, friendly and confident temperaments. We carefully select our bloodlines for genetic diversity and health improvement of the breed. We are actively working to breed out known health issues from the breed, to improve our blood lines and increase the genetic diversity of available studs, effectively minimising health risks for the future. 

We will NEVER jeopardise the health of our dogs for the sake of our breeding program, they are first and foremost our family pets. We consciously choose never to own more dogs than what fits on the bed at a time in the interest of being able to provide our dogs the best life, full of love, affection and attention. These beliefs are at the foundation of the Code of Ethics we voluntarily uphold as members of the MDBA and also our personal ethics and actions. We don't believe this can be given as it is deserved to anymore dogs, hence the reason for our use of our Guardian program to expand and improve our bloodlines without sacrificing quality of life for our dogs. 


MDBA member number 19257
Narangba, QLD 4504


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